The Master Craftsman Alano Maffucci gave up on October 11, 2016 to Accreditation as Bottega School.

The workshop Aule has been accredited by the Region of Tuscany as Bottega Scuola in Precious Metals Processing and Sacred Art.
This will allow the Master Alano Maffucci to pass all the experience acquired in over 60 years, starting from the didactic knowledge acquired up to reach the real professional activity.
The school education he received was at the highest level, since he had highly experienced master goldsmiths as teachers. In his long career, Alano Maffucci has always been committed to the gold sector, first as employee and then with his own business, designing and manufacturing jewelry in gold and platinum entirely made by hand, gaining valuable experience both in the jewel sector and then in the Sacred Art one.
Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, cufflinks, chains, watch chains, etc., were added over the years to a number of trophies, unique pieces, multiple pieces by authors of Sacred Art and artifacts such as crosses, chalices, ciborium, monstrance, pastoral, censers, boats, candle-cases, shrines and so on. This extraordinary and rich heritage of experience will now be passed on to the students who will attend the courses held at the Bottega Scuola.
hese courses offer the opportunity to learn various techniques starting from basic training (piercing, filing, soldering, etc.), then move on to chisel, hammer edition, advanced manual skill and so on. All participants will be provided with all the necessary technological knowledge.
Besides the basic lessons ,courses focused on specific techniques required by the students themselves can be organized.
At the end of each course a certificate of attendance will be given and it will be specified all the teaching activity carried out.